All sessions are done via Zoom. I will record your session, so you can revisit the information at any time.


Akashic Records Consultation

This appointment is a 60-minute phone session. Akashic Record readings are based on energetic blueprints. The Akashic Records are the record of your souls journey. The Akashic energy holds all of your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime. You can think of the Akashic Records as a library with each book representing a lifetime, or a computer with all of your information stored on a hard drive. If you are struggling to pinpoint your mission or purpose in life, this is a good place to start. This session takes you right to the source. As you ask questions, the guardians of the Akashic Records bring forth information that is relevant to your spiritual path.  You will receive specific answers to your questions as well as get a deeper understanding of any blocks or restrictions that have been hindering your path.

These readings are not predictive. The future can always be changed. We live in a free will universe, and it is always possible to change the trajectory of your life. The purpose of this reading is to apply the information from your reading toward your spiritual evolvement.

Akashic records readings can help with:

  • Clarity on your life purpose

  • Understanding who you really are on a soul level

  • Understanding why you relive the same patterns over and over

  • Spiritual development

Spiritual Guidance Session

This appointment is a 60-minute one phone session. In this co-creative session we discuss your path of conscious growth and how to navigate these new energies.  This is guidance we will also weave in information from the Akashic Records. If you want a full hour of Q&A from the records, please book an AR reading. These sessions are extremely expansive, in that they give clarity and understanding to the communication and guidance of what is next for you.

 Quick Question

This appointment is done through text message. Payment required before session on Venmo (@phlighteraimes) or Paypal ( This session is perfect if you need guidance on a specific question regarding a situation or area of your life. This is not an open Akashic Records reading on all areas of your life. If you are needing that kind of guidance I encourage you to book a longer phone session.